You Are The Master – Chapter 1

“No, no, no, no, ugh… I never have anything to wear,” Trixi screamed at the top of her lungs while forcefully tossing recently bought clothing out of her expansive walk-in wardrobe. She desperately wished that her father would notice her clear resistance to attending his celebration that evening—the dreaded annual ViP Music company party.

Despite feeling fortunate to have avoided the previous year’s celebrations, Trixi now found herself obligated to attend the annual event alongside her sister Traci and their mother. The occasion promised the presence of an impressive assembly of young music stars, but it also meant Trixi would inevitably meet the various men she had been involved with prior to meeting her soulmate, Aggie. Determined to shield herself from the repugnant individuals she despised, Trixi planned to rely on her supportive posse, including Cookie, Jennifer, and Casey, for protection and solidarity. Together, they would navigate the event and ensure Trixi’s well-being in the face of those unpleasant memories.

CJ was the one who stepped into the closet when Trixi expressed her frustration about having nothing to wear, instead of her friends. Trixi, wearing nothing but her pink lace panties, grumbled and casually discarded a garment over her shoulder. CJ swiftly caught it with her face and picked up another item from the floor.

Arranging the dresses on the love seat in the middle of the closet, CJ questioned, “How on earth do you not have anything to wear?”

“And why are you still here? I told you to leave hours ago.” Trixi spun around, her hands firmly planted on her hips, her chest heaving with contempt.

“It was more like five minutes, not hours. You’ve been complaining for hours though. And once again, you have more clothes than everyone I live with combined.”

“Yes, and they have no sense of style. One of them lives solely in basketball shorts.”

CJ picked up two more dresses from the floor and added them to the others. “You’re talking about my girlfriends. Show a little respect.”

Trixi embraced CJ tightly, pressing her breasts against CJ’s chest. “I’m glad to see you three are doing well, but I can’t understand how you can adore that blonde woman.” Trixi grimaced at the thought of Luisa, her long-standing nemesis.

After a month-long visit, Trixi eventually went with CJ back to the beach house where Natalia and Luisa had been living. Upon entering the home, Trixi unexpectedly stumbled upon the two women engaged in an intimate moment. With CJ wearing a collar and leash, Trixi confronted Luisa about her feelings for Natalia. To her dismay, Luisa confirmed her love for Natalia and acknowledged her feelings for CJ as well. In an attempt to avoid further complications, Trixi suggested they engage in a threesome, putting an end to any further discussion on the matter.

As Trixi left the beach house and returned to the mansion, CJ remained a trusted confidant and a loyal best friend who spent a significant amount of time at the mansion. Despite this, Trixi occasionally took advantage of CJ when seeking intense sexual pleasure.

As they stood closely together in the closet, CJ leaned down and kissed Trixi. She slid her hand down the front of Trixi’s lace-trimmed panties, reaching between her legs.

While Trixi yearned for a quick encounter, she pushed CJ away. “You need to leave before the guests arrive. I don’t want them to think I’m lowering my standards. I have a reputation to uphold.”

With her body, hand, and mouth removed from Trixi, CJ’s head drooped in defeat as she retreated from her sole vice: sex. “Fine. I’ll go, but by the end of the night, you’ll be calling me.”

As CJ exited the closet, Trixi quipped, “If I do, you can tie me up.”

Trixi knew she wouldn’t be calling CJ that evening. After the ViP party, she and her sister were planning their own bash at the beach house. Cookie, Jennifer, and Casey were coming, along with a bunch of Traci’s friends. Booze and strippers—what more could you ask for? However, Trixi had other plans, including a video call with Aggie.

A knock on the door made Trixi quickly grab her silky purple robe and answer the door, peeping out instead of fully opening it. Martin stood on the other side. “Aren’t you ready yet? Guests are arriving. Your mother and Traci are already downstairs.”

Trixi let out a sigh while clutching her robe tightly. “It’ll take me at least an hour to get ready. Besides, you’re never on time for parties. It’s a social faux pas.”

He responded firmly and directly, “I expect you downstairs in fifteen minutes.”

“I’m twenty-four years old. I don’t have to come down at all.”

Martin extended his hand. “Then hand over the American Express card and get the hell out of my house.”

Ever since that embarrassing hungover morning when she crashed her father’s meeting to deliver her manuscript, Trixi and her dad had managed to avoid arguments. They basically steered clear of each other, knowing it was best not to rile up any more anger.

Instead of dragging out the disagreement, she reluctantly agreed to be ready in twenty minutes and quickly locked her bedroom door. Sitting at her vanity, she skillfully styled her hair into loose waves, applied just the right amount of earth-toned makeup and eyeliner, and slipped into a sleek black dress that hugged her curves. Trixi added some sparkling diamonds to complete her ensemble. She made it downstairs only ten minutes later than the agreed time.

Trixi’s rowdy group of friends had gathered in her room while she was getting ready for the night. They lounged on her bed, indulging in juicy gossip about their conquests, each trying to one-up the other. Normally, Trixi enjoyed their banter, but that evening, their voices grated on her nerves.

Trixi let out an impatient snap of her fingers to grab their attention. “Alright, folks, how do I look?”

“Oh, absolutely fabulous! Your hair is on point,” Jennifer gushed.

“Girl, you’re rocking that dress. I wish I could pull it off like you,” chimed in Casey.

With a swoon on her face, Cookie exclaimed, “You’re so freaking hot!”

Trixi raised an eyebrow in response to Cookie’s overzealous compliment. They were such an easily impressed bunch; she could have been wearing a plain paper bag and they would still fawn over her.

Ever since Aggie’s departure, Trixi had been on the hunt for the perfect submissive. Little did she know, Justine had embodied that role during their time together. As Trixi found herself attending CJ’s wild parties in the Valley, it became even clearer that she wanted to create a club similar to Aggie’s favorite spot in New York. She had proven to be a unique presence within the BDSM-loving community, earning her own reputation.

To distinguish the growing kink scene among the younger generation from traditional BDSM, Trixi coined the term “TeenDom.” The more time she spent uncomfortably mingling with the kinksters in the Valley, the more she realized their culture was thriving and evolving. With repeated usage, the term “TeenDom” took on a life of its own, becoming a recognized part of the scene.

Trixi was immersed in the world of kink, devouring books, novels, and films with unwavering dedication. Her novel, “Dirty Little Secret,” made its explosive debut as a number one best-seller over the summer and continued to dominate the charts. With the manuscript for volume two already in the hands of Anais Publishing, they were clamoring for two more stories. For Trixi, her involvement in BDSM went beyond personal pleasure; it was research fuel for her writing endeavors.

Yet, despite her success, Trixi yearned for something more. She craved fresh experiences, someone who could truly appreciate her Domme abilities. While there were plenty of eager submissives in The Valley, Trixi found them lacking individuality. Events like the one they were attending tonight presented an opportunity for her to scout for the perfect submissive who could meet her standards.