Every month a group of writers participate in a Instagram #WriterFriendsChallenge and answer a month long lists of questions for authors and writers to increase soaial media content while providing readers a little background on who we are and what makes us tick.

This is the first time I am participating because I’d like to give my readers and followers a little something other than promotional posts of my books coming out. This seemed like a fun way to expand my content as well as providing an unique way to meet the author behind the books.

While this is an Instagram challenge, I thought I toss up a summary of my posts with a little extra background and content on my blog. Since week one consists of only three days, this post should be short.


Introduction – Share an acrostic poem

Charming with a hint of chivalry, I walk through life. Yet timid and weak, bowing at the beauty of a woman. All the while, I stalk the darkness merely to marvel. Never to touch the one that I love.

I am so not a poet but definitely a hopeless romantic.


Goals for September

First will be the release of a new FREEBIE or reader magnet as they call it. The Queen and I will be released this month.

I’d like the finish editing book two of the girl/Mistress series, You Are The Master.

And then ultimately, celebrate another year of life.


But before I even set my fingers on the keyboard, that story has already been in my head marinating for quite a while. I do this so I can fall in love with my main love interest. Whether she is a super model or a plain Jane girl, I have to love her in order to write about her.

If you would like to check out this #WriterFriendsChallenge each day, visit my follow my Instagram account of daily posts.

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