This week I was on vacation, and I wanted to finish editing the final draft of Funeral of a Good Girl before sending it to the editor. I actually finished it on Thursday, when I still had plenty of time to do some writing.

I write all the time, so I dug around on my hard drive and found a story I haven’t read since about 2010. The original version of this story was a fanfiction based on Disney’s Enchanted. Yes, I loved the movie because Susan Sarandon is one of my favorite actors.

I made up the main character of this fanfiction novella, and she falls in love with the Queen. The whole novella happens behind the scenes in the castle, but people watching the movie would see something different. It’s my own idea of what Queen Narissa did while Prince Charming went off to find the love of his life.

I lost this story and deleted it from my hard drive at one point. A few years ago, I found that I had posted it on Facebook, and it popped up in my memories. I copied it and put it away for safekeeping. Finally, while on vacation this week, I decided to retrieve it, revise it for publishing, and voila! I now have a novella to publish.

Since it’s a short story about 12K, I’m sending it to an editor before Funeral of a Good Girl.

As soon as I get it back, I’ll make it available for everyone.


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