One of my favorite stories I have written is Cause and Effect, though I am not too sure where the inspiration came from for this story. The title of the book came from a song by Paulina Rubio, “Causo y Efecto”.

I wrote this story during my Hannah Montana fanfiction days which was probably about the span of a year or so. During that time, I was writing all the time and posting a chapter almost daily of one story or another. I mostly wrote the fandom using Miley and Lily, but during my darker period with the fandom it went on to be about Miley and her dad. I am not proud of those stories and I actually do not have any of them.

Most of the stories I wrote during this fandom were short stories or ones that I started but never finished. Cause and Effect just happened to be one that I finished and am quite proud of it. It was originally titled, Girl Interruptous. Kind of going into the idea that Lily had just gotten out of rehab because of an accident that almost killed Miley.

It’s a coming-of-age story, as well as a love story. Originally, it was meant to put Miley (Natalia) and Lily (Luisa) together but ultimately a secondary character, Joanie (Jess), became such an important role that changed the entire original plot.

Oddly, that happens so many times. A writer always says that the character write themselves and in this story, she did. During the rewrite and edit, the inspiration for Joanie’s character was actually Ruby Rose, as seen in Orange is The New Black. This rebel comes into the character’s world and flips everything all around. That is what this character did.

The final edit of this story made me fall in love with this character more than Miley or Lily and I believe she truly was the star.

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