HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Yup, today is my birthday. It’s been a long week at my 9-5 job, so it’s nice to have a moment to chill.

My Amazon birthday sale has come and gone. It was wonderful to have so many new readers to the girl/Mistress series. A pleasant surprise was the sale of my always $0.99 books, plus a few paperbacks which were not on sale. Thanks to everyone who took advantage of this opportunity. Now, here is the wrap-up of all of my current works.


This co-write with GA Rea is officially done. The final edits have been accomplished and it is ready for the editor. There is no official release date at the moment, but we are looking for January or February of next year. GA Rea is currently working a standalone prequel for this book, and we have a sequel planned for later next year. It’s excited to see how far my co-author has come. The characters and the basis of the story were GA’s, but together we weaved this into a erotica thriller which I am sure you will love. My readers will see my style here because I don’t do anything soft and fluffy.


I just started on a 2K short for the Horror Writers Association anthology, which is due by November 1st. Its basically fanfiction on a public domain story and meant for middle schoolers. No gore. No sex. No foul language. I’m not sure I can do it… That is a lie. I already have the story plotted so it shouldn’t take the entire time. I do have plans to turn this into a Sapphic retelling in novel or novella form. I am holding off on discussing the theme. It’s top secret.


I am in the process of the second draft of this 60s paranormal horror. The original version was not Sapphic, so my characters are getting an upgrade and I am tightening the narrative.


National Novel Writing Month is coming up. I’m gonna be focusing on a book tentatively titled Wish You Were Dead. A vacation slasher book set on a remote island. Also, I am gonna be working the second round of edits for a the prequel for Shadows.

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