The week has come to an end… So for those of you who are following my writing journey, this is my weekly wrap.


Since I am not officially chatting about this super secret project of mine, I managed to get just over 17,000 words written this week. There is a title, a book cover, and a tentative release date. I am looking for a March 2024 release for this. So I am excited about getting this finished. I don’t think I will get it finished by October 31, which is my personally-set deadline, but I’ll try.


I always work better backwards, so for NaNo in November, I am working on a project that I have basically had started 2019 called The Runaway. Well, I didn’t like where I went with the story… but with a new darker genre and a fresh outlook on the project, I am nixing the original and repurposing for a dark romance called Baby: A Rock ‘n Roll Nightmare. The cover art was made by the talented Ruth Anna Evans.


Book three comes out in two weeks. So far the reviews are good. One of my faithful readers of the series told me that they couldn’t continue on because of how the main character, Trixi VanPelt acts. I totally understand how this reader feels because I hate Trixi just as well, but she does redeem herself (for the most part). The first drafts of books four and five are complete, but they do need a major clean up after the events of book three. I have finalized the cover art for books four and five over the past week… So here is a cover reveal for the faithful readers.

So that is all I have for the week. I hope you like what you see. I’m excited to share it all with you.

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