The first book in the girl/Mistress series is Funeral Of A Good Girl. It is the story of Trixi VanPelt, the daughter of a music mogul. Initially, I wanted to write a series for each character but this proved to be very time-consuming and well, repetitious.

While the first book would not have been since Trixi had not met most of the characters, Trixi’s book two and Megan’s book one would literally be exactly the same except for the feelings and emotions changing based on the POV.


I felt like the story might flow better if I keep the story going in the third person and telling the story of Trixi/Megan and eventually, April in book two… That will mean, book three will consist of Megan/Nikki, which will cover two to three books for their story. It’s a long complicated journey and well, I like complicated things.

At the same time, I make things a little too complicated. Trixi’s book one has a finished third draft and I have submitted it to a publisher. We will see if the book gets picked up. I lack self-confidence and right off the bat, I think the publisher will send me a rejection letter. It will be my first one and I probably will decide to give up on trying to be a published author, keeping to self-publishing.

If the book does not get picked up, I think the release date for Funeral of A Good Girl will be early Spring. We will see.

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