If you read my summary of King of The Kingdom, you will know about the drama between JP and me over my writing world. Remember when I said that there was a second argument for another book. This is the book.

Just before I began writing this story, Sleeping Beauty was released on Blu-Ray. The Blu-Ray featured a music video of Emily Osment singing “Once Upon A Dream” and I became obsessed with the little blondie. Okay, yes she was jail bait but I couldn’t help it. Again, the difference between JP and I is cartoons versus real people.

My obsession with Emily Osment took shape and I began watching Hannah Montana, just because of her. I also began writing this little erotic love story about her. Another fanfiction. The problem arose when my story featured S&M with the male protagonist as a submissive looking for a mistress that he finds in Emily. Why does this become a fight with JP?

JP and I used to have this relationship that was strictly about music but once I got with my girlfriend, she began to open up to me about her personal life, which included kink with her girlfriend. I don’t/didn’t have an issue with it. It just surprised me about her. I am not a prude and even used to babysit for a dominatrix. I knew about kink. I don’t have a problem with it but oddly, she thought I did. I don’t know why.

When I wrote this story, I was told by JP’s girlfriend that I was making fun of JP. So not true. I could have cared less about what JP and her girlfriend did in bed. So this book drove a wedge between the friendship. All because I was writing kinky fanfiction?

Who knows. I finished this book and decided that I should officially escape into the world of real fanfiction and flipped this story upside down. I rewrote this book in the Hannah Montana fandom with Miley being my male but now female protagonist, and Lily as Emily Osment. It worked and it grew. I’ll talk about that book at a later date.

For now, I revived the original TeenDom story, changed out Emily’s real-life world, and set the stage for a sequel to this book. It will be completely different than how the remake went. I have already begun writing the next chapter of this saga. I think it will be a total of 3 books when the series is complete.

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