Life is funny when you think about where something comes from. What your imagination thinks about and how you come up with ideas. When I started writing Deep End of The Pool, it was years ago. Probably one of the first books I ever attempted to write. Oh yeah, there have been plenty of other stories in my life, but Deep End of The Pool was special.

The original working title for this book was called, Jaws The Inflatable. How this came about was in 1987 when the movie Jaws The Revenge was released. I was addicted to that movie and collected everything I could find, which included a promotion blow-up shark, which I hung from my ceiling. You could call it my first attempt at fan fiction when I wrote the start of a book about a little fat girl (myself) and an inflatable shark floaty that sat at the bottom of the pool. The floaty would come up and kill everyone except the little fat girl. It was a love story.

The story never panned out and it was put into the back of my head until my wife (girlfriend at the time) told me I needed to finish that story. Okay, well… I thought it was quite a dumb idea but the idea of a possessed pool sounded fun. I started with no outline, just a few chapters and I fell out of love with the story.

It wasn’t until recently that I came back to the story and chucked the entire idea, starting off from the beginning. The premise is still the same, a possessed swimming pool but nothing remained the same except for two characters: Jessica and Alex. They were supposed to be the main characters but instead, I introduced you to a new main character, which pays homage to The Brodys in the Jaws franchise.

Sean Brody is a newbie cop in East Texas in the 80s. Oddly, and only by accident did Sean Brody, who is an FBI agent in the current day, appear in another one of my books. With an 80s Officer Brody and 20s Agent Brody, I wonder if by chance Sean will appear in other places creating at Brodyverse? Anything is possible.

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