I am days away from finishing my first draft of book #3 of the girl/Mistress series and I had to think, what’s next for me? I always like to give my books time to simmer on the back burner before diving into the next round of edits. With time on my hands, I could either pull an oldie from the hard drive to polish or start something new.


I am teaming up with indie author, MJ Maguire for a Sapphic romantic comedy book due out early next year. We’re so excited about this little project and hope that everyone will enjoy the work. I don’t want to give too much away about the story but the working title and art work will give you some idea of what we’re going for with this. While the genre isn’t what I typically write, I think the challenge will be fun. I’ll be able to show my romantic side because deep down I am a sap for rom-coms.

I’m excited to work with MJ, who has released three self-published books on Amazon and has a fourth due out soon. Together, MJ and I will be working on details and will share more as the time comes. I hope to be able to share more often on the website, including some excerpts and behind the scenes stories.

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