Yup. There it is! The first book I ever published on Amazon. I can’t say it sold exceptionally well, but I know a couple of friends who went out and purchased it when I announced it, which was kind of cool.

Again, we start out with a simple love story. Boy meets girl. Boy falls for girl. Girl falls for boy, but the girl is married. Oh, the drama!

My inspiration for this story came after visiting Half Price Books in Dallas. My wife (girlfriend at the time) decided that we went start a Half Price Books road trip and visit all of the HPBs across the country. Our first stop was the main location in Dallas.

During this visit, we met with the social media directors, managers, and corporate gurus because they were all wild about the idea of us touring the country just for HPBs. We didn’t finish the mission but we sure did hit a lot of stores that year. And spent a lot of money.

The social media director became my inspiration for this store. She was the epitome of a geeky bookworm, which was the perfect counterpart to my dashing and charming writer character. Again, NOT ME.

The story came to me one night, after our trip when I could not sleep. I stayed up all night thinking about this story and by morning, I had plotted it out and began my novel. It didn’t make it to novel status, just a novella.

When I finished the book, I knew I wanted to publish it. I sent it off to a friend, who edited it for me. Over the years, I have done many different edits. Even paid someone to edit it and still, it is nowhere near and finished and professional quality book. But… it is what it is.

I really do like the story and even though it is not very long, it turned out nice. I was proud of myself for publishing a book for the first time and bought everyone close to me a copy. Now, no one even thinks twice about me finishing another book or even publishing it. You can never get back that feeling of the first time seeing your work in print.

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