“Someday, I want to create a story so sick that it is banned across the world, but also goes down in history as infamous.”

– Jae T Ryter

Dark Waters Ahead (2022)

When a family goes on a vacation on the high seas, will Scott rake up his body count and become predator or will he rekindle his relationship with Ali while they are sharing a cabin?

Thirty-Three (2022)

Alex is a young, up-and-coming ballplayer who is currently competing in the major leagues for the very first time. When he meets the mother of a child admirer, she insults him, and he immediately falls head over heels in love with her.

My Final Muse (2022)

Love turns to obsession in this tragic love story of a writer and his final muse. While writing his opus to his new love, Matt unleashes his own demons that drag him into his own story, turning his love for Regina into an uncontrollable obsession.

Something Wilder (2012)

Erick Martin, a bestselling author, finds his new muse for his next novel in a bookstore. As the two get closer, they must decide whether the desire is stronger than moral responsibilities.