I told you in my previous post that I work as a florist during the day. It seems like I’ve been working nonstop for the first two weeks of February and haven’t had time to write. All of that is put on hold so we can give people love and romance.

However, now that it’s over, I can resume working on my projects. The girl/Mistress series’ second and third books are finished and awaiting editing. Rewrites for book four are what I’m currently working on. SWIPE RIGHT FOR LOVE will soon be released, and I can’t wait for everyone to read it.

The first draft of my Sapphic horror/comedy, which I intend to publish by the end of 2023, was also written. Even though it seems like a very long time from now, time really does fly by.


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Tamesha worked hard for her career as a teacher at the university, studying the past to prepare for an inclusive and fair future.

Alice’s whole life revolved around keeping people safe. It was second nature to her. If only she could do it without getting famous.

Bridget may be small and delicate, but her principal focus is to fight for what is right, for freedom, and for respect. She joined all the protests she could to protect those in need.

Together, they explore their love for each other as they work toward protecting others and creating a better world.



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