We are halfway through April, the month that I am taking part in Camp NaNoWriMo. Although I have an 80K word goal for this month, my main focus is on finishing the first draft of my debut horror novel.

Many people who might be my Facebook followers have heard me mention how this horror book is about a lesbian cannibal, and puns and all, it is quite explicit in terms of both gore and sexuality. Yes. Erotic horror exists.

Although it still pertains to Sapphic, which is generally the major target demographic, it is not the genre that most readers are accustomed to reading from me. With Cause & Effect, I covered YA romance; Funeral of A Good Girl, BDSM erotica; and now, Swipe Right For Love, a snappy romantic comedy.

Horror, on the other hand, takes a special person to read. Erotic horror is a completely different beast. Think American Psycho for lesbians.

Here are my questions, which I have been and continue to look for answers:

  1. Does it matter when an author crosses genres and writes various different ones?
  2. Is Sapphic erotic horror so different that it needs its own audience and pen name?
  3. Is there an actual market for Sapphic erotic horror in the “Lesfic” community?

I’d love to hear from you on your thoughts. Drop me a reply and let me hear your thoughts on these plaguing questions I have.

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