Funeral of A Good Girl (2022)

Book one of girl/Mistress series

Trixi is a pampered rich kid with a carefree attitude, bouncing between living with her mother in New York City and her father in Los Angeles. Her father is a music mogul, so being the daughter of a music mogul certainly has its advantages. Trixi’s life is turned upside down when she first meets Aggie and agrees to become a part of the life of Aggie and her wife, Justine, who are already a married couple.

Aggie is a celebrity liaison and works for Trixi’s father. Although she is aware that Trixi’s father’s daughter should be off limits, Aggie falls in love with the young vixen and teaches Trixi how to dominate the household and her wife.

Trixi’s flippant attitude and naivety threatens to derail the threesome’s otherwise satisfying polyamorous lifestyle; the question is whether or not she can become the dominant figure the trio requires.


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Polyamory, BDSM, graphic sex, implied underage sex, age-gap, implied rape, and domestic abuse.


“Wow. Fantastic storyline. I loved the main characters chemistry, it shone through the twists and turns were exceptional.”

-Christine (Goodreads Reviewer)

“Yes, the heat is off the charts but there is much more to LeBlanc’s tale – that’s the rub, you have to read the book.”

-Gail (Goodreads Reviewer)

“An excellent introduction to the girl/mistress series.”

-Minishca (Goodreads Reviewer)

“Cyan LeBlanc has dragged my curious brain through hell and back several times as the main characters face their challenges.”

-Robin (Goodreads Reviewer)