“There’s nothing better than bringing together two women together that shouldn’t work and give them a happy ending. Or not.”

– Cyan LeBlanc

Choking On The Truth (Coming 2024)

Fifth installment of the girl/Mistress series

The Peacock Song (Coming 2024)

Fourth installment of the girl/Mistress series.

Mastering The Art of Female Cookery (Coming 2024)

Love In The Shadows (January 18, 2024)

“Love In The Shadows” is the first book in a new thriller series by GA Rea and Cyan LeBlanc. It’s a Sapphic dark romance of finding love where it shouldn’t exist and stretching the bounds of loyalty and trust.

Nothing Else Matters (November 6, 2023)

In the third installment of the girl/Mistress series, the intense relationship between Megan and Trixi reaches new heights, pushing boundaries and testing their love. Despite Megan’s reservations, Trixi becomes determined to introduce a third participant into their play, only to have it backfire on her and them.

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The Taste of Women (September 2023)

“The Taste of Women” is a disturbing and chilling horror novel that explores the depths of human depravity and the complexities of morality. Follow Katherine’s dark journey in this heart-pounding tale of survival, temptation, and the horrors that lurk within.

You Are The Master (2023)

In the highly anticipated second installment of the captivating Girl/Mistress series, Trixi VanPelt relentlessly pursues her next submissive plaything. Setting her sights on the daughter of a renowned ViP Music songwriter, Trixi discovers untapped potential within Megan.

50,000 Tickets To Paradise (2023)

A 3500-word short story. Sometimes the most romantic gestures come in unexpected forms. And always a happy ending.

Dying To Meat You (2023)

Caught in a nightmarish mix of sexual tension, deception, and horror, Arianta races to unravel the truth before it’s too late. “Dying To Meat You” is a graphic, stomach-churning horror novella that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the chilling conclusion.

Swipe Right For Love (2023)

How many duds do you have to date before you find your perfect match? That’s a question Dana is currently asking herself as she battles her way through app-dating hell. After years of being single, she thought she was ready to meet someone new.

Funeral of A Good Girl (2022)

Trixi is a pampered rich kid with a carefree attitude, bouncing between living with her mother in New York City and her father in Los Angeles. Being the daughter of a music mogul certainly has its advantages. Her life is turned upside down when she first meets Aggie and agrees to become a part of the life of Aggie and her wife, Justine, who are already a married couple.

The Queen and I (2022)

When fantasy and reality collide, are happily ever afters even possible? Life is beautiful in the land of Thavaria, until Prince Erick finds his true love and wants to marry. In order to keep her chokehold over the land, devious Queen Nataleigh must stop him from taking his rightful place on the throne.

Cause & Effect (2022)

This coming-of-age tale focuses on two young women who are best of friends and are attempting to maintain their bond despite the challenges of love, addiction, and sexual awakening, as well as a love triangle that threatens to pit them against each other.

Open Your Eyes (2022)

A young adult romance novella. High school friends, Daisy and Lilith, have the same feelings for each other, though they don’t know it. These girls need to open their eyes to see the signs to see the mutual feelings and allow their fears to dissolve into happily in love.