The first series in the girl/Mistress universe is Trixi VanPelt’s storyline. It will start with Funeral Of A Good Girl, and following it up with book two called I Love Myself Today. That will essentially run parallel with Megan’s first book You Are The Master. Megan’s second book runs alongside Nikki’s first book, The Peacock Song.

Because the girl/Mistress universe originally started with 200K word novel with everyone’s story told in one book and now I am breaking it apart, I have to write Nikki’s story in order to pull out the already written back story that explains Trixi and Megan’s relationship. The original inspirations were Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment when I wrote this as fanfiction in 2008. This new version takes them out of high school and into adulthood, college, and beyond. Because much of the original text will be updated, so are the characters’ personalities and characteristics.

The new inspirations are amazing… and they allow me to visualize the characters even more than before.

NIKKI – Grace VanPatten

Nikki is an edgy, beach bum, and skateboarder. Born in New York, she comes to Los Angeles after the divorce of her parents and befriends Oliver, a rich surfer boy. Later they meet April, and the three of them become besties. I took the inspiration from Grace VanPatten after watching Nine Perfect Strangers but I love her blond punk look from these photos.

MEGAN – Hailee Steinfeld

Megan is a country girl taken out of her element and thrown into the rich socialites of Hollywood Hills. She is trained to be a submissive in the BDSM by Trixi but when her Mistress leaves, she is left to find another Mistress. She finds Nikki. My inspiration for Megan comes from the many faces of Hailee Steinfeld, who fell into the hearts of Sapphic lovers in the TV show Dickinson. Hailee’s moodiness works well for Megan.

APRIL – Shay Mitchell

April is a big part of these books because she is her best friend to Nikki and has an interesting back story with Megan that adds a level of conflict to the storyline. April is a Filipina living in Southern California and I wanted inspiration from an actress that was pretty that gave me both a Cali vibe with a hint of ethnicity. Shay fit that part very well. April will get her own book, possible series.

OLIVER – Timothée Chalamet

The final main character of Nikki’s series is Oliver. Oliver is a surfer dude that finds out about BDSM and wants to find new and kinky ways to have sex with her girlfriend. Oliver is Nikki’s best friend and introduces her to this world where she meets Megan at a BDSM party. A friend recommended Timothée Chalamet’s look for Oliver and I think it works perfectly. He looks like he could be a beach bum, totally SoCal all the way, and he’s not all that manly, which fits Oliver to a tee.

About The Peacock Song

While I am still trying to figure out where to cut the massive 200K book into three different ones, the story remains the same. Nikki is bullied/dared into attending a BDSM party in The Hills, where it’s attended by celebrities and rich kids with too much time on their hands. At the party, she falls for a cute submissive girl, Megan. She continues to go to the weekly parties in order to befriend Megan and fall in love. Megan doesn’t want a girlfriend, she’s looking for another Mistress and hopes that she can convince Nikki to take her by the reigns. The two girls struggle to find a happy medium between dominance and love.

Status Of First Draft

I think I have a vague idea of where to stop the first book of the trilogy. It sits somewhere around 60K words for the first draft. I am on the first draft of book two, which is around 32K words. Once this series is finished round one of the drafts, I will begin Trixi’s book two and Megan’s book one. Nikki’s series is still a long way from being ready but I hope to continue to share things from it as I work on this big universe.

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