For Camp NaNo this month, I am working on a “reader magnet” for the beginning of my series of series all centering around one universe. For those who don’t know what a reader magnet is; it is a book, a few chapters, or extras that entice the reader to follow my works by joining my newsletter.

Essentially, it’s a freebie! Yeah, that means you’ll get a free book to read from my bibliography. Well, two days into writing for April, the new novella is around 5K already and I am finding character inspirations for the mental play-by-play going on in my head. I wanted to share those with you, so you can picture the characters, too.


Trixi is the main character in Funeral of a Good Girl, and an essential part of the girl/Mistress universe. In this book, we find out how she goes from the good girl and daughter of a music mogul to becoming a dominatrix, well known on both coasts. My inspiration comes from actress, Lyndsy Fonseca


Aggie only appears in Trixi’s series as her love interest, providing the series with the age-gap trope. She falls for the young vixen and trains her to be a dominatrix, like herself. Her character is inspired by actress, Charlize Theron.

I hope to finish this story during April’s Camp NaNo, though it will still take a while for a second draft, deep edit, and professional edit. Writing a book isn’t all about, finishing the rough draft and publishing it. So, I would love to present this story by the end of the year. We will see how it goes. But I do love talking about my works, even before they are written. It helps me stay inspired.

Stay tuned for more information on Funeral of a Good Girl and the girl/Mistress series of series.

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