After I started writing book two of the girl/Mistress series (You Are The Master), I realized that I wanted all the points of view to be under one book cover. Initially, each character would have their own series written in first person but with so many of the same scenes overlapping, I felt that the reader would get bored too quickly after reading one complete series.

Now, I have brought together the characters’ thoughts and feelings, telling the in-depth story in chronological order. The undertaking of the complete story should be somewhere around 5-6 books, instead of 2-3 books per character, essentially making the series about fifteen books.

I’ve been really enjoying the writing of these stories and characters and look forward to sharing these stories with my readers. The first book, Funeral Of A Good Girl, has been sent to a few publishers. The first one turned down the manuscript. I am waiting to hear from the next. At some point, I have to decide to give up the submission if I get turned down again and self-publish. My issue is and always will be the funds to pay for editing.

When I started self-publishing, I didn’t pay for edits and just posted the books for sale without being edited. While most of the reviewers I got back then were positive, the biggest complaint was editing/grammar. I can only do as much as I can with programs like ProWriting Aid and Grammarly, but authors can not rely on programs alone.

I don’t want to go backward and publish subpar work when I spend so much time marketing and getting attention. I’d hate to see it ruined by bad reviews based on sloppy manuscripts. What does that mean? I don’t know when I will be able to share these stories. I’m trying. Meanwhile, I want to share the cover art for the first four books.

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