Book #9 for the year coincides with the Judy Blume MasterClass that I am taking, as it is part of my first assignment. Judy talks about drawing inspiration from personal experiences, and the recommended reading for the MasterClass includes two books: “Tiger Eyes” and “Deenie.” “Tiger Eyes” was available digitally from the library, so I read that first. Tomorrow, “Deenie” will be ready to pick up from the library in physical format.

Today’s book took just a few hours to read. I started yesterday afternoon when I took some Zyrtec and dozed off and on while reading, and then I continued this morning. It was a pretty fast read. Blume states that she didn’t subconsciously write this about her past, but it was pointed out to her that there are similarities between her loss of her father and the character’s loss in the book.

Part of the MasterClass homework is to see how those experiences close to you can help form your characters and stories along the way. I think I already tend to do that quite a bit, but I know I can delve deeper into my childhood self to find stories within myself.

Judy Blume’s “Tiger Eyes” is a sad but honest look at a teenager dealing with the loss of her father and being moved across the country, just so they can heal emotionally from the loss. I didn’t find it all that sad, though I did think I would probably cry at the end. I did not. I approached the book with a different set of eyes today. I went into it as a writer, looking for techniques, writing styles, and ways to incorporate what I know into characters that can be relatable.

With that in mind, I thought it was very good and enjoyed the easy read. I’m glad to check off another book on my 52 Book challenge.

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