What did I just read… is a good way to start of this review. I had seen this book in a copy of different groups of horror on Facebook but when the author, Jamie Kort offered a review copy of this for an honest review, I took my chances especially when it was referred to as: extreme bizarro erotic horror.

Jamie had me at erotic. Anyone who knows me will tell you I have only one thing on my mind. With that said, I dove head first into Jamie’s bizzaro head to see what the Soxorcist was all about. This short story is about a sock, who has come into this filthy home where another sock has been possessed by a demon. Much like The Exorcist, he has to flush the demon out of the other sock even if that means taking a beating himself.

With tons of knitting and hemming jokes, the author takes us through a web of satanic possession… and just when you think that’s all, the story jumps so far outside the realm of lost laundry into a world of debauchery with a rotting corpse, used feminine hygiene products, and masturbation material. Well played. I didn’t see that coming. Kort came at us swinging with descriptions and an ingenious tale that is way beyond anything I could have dreamed up as a writer. That is what I loved about this. I couldn’t have imagined or envisioned an erotic horror tale about socks, but Kort did and executed it well…

And as always, I praise a book before I tear it apart. Jamie said it was okay for the honest review, even if it was horrible. I don’t like airing “dirty laundry” on places like Amazon and Goodreads where indie authors need our support but on my website, that is where I will voice my dislikes. I am not prolific writer, nor do I think I’m even good… So take this with a grain of salt when I say I felt the book seemed to be a vomit of a lot of words without stopping to give the reader pause. The sentences were long. And they ran on much like an excited ten year old rambling on and on without a filter. Some of which I needed to back up and start the sentence over so I could process it. Like I said, I’m not a perfectionist at all… and I am sure my editor yells at me for the same thing.

And honestly, that is pretty much what I thought about The Soxorcist by Jamie Kort. Again, very imaginative and creative.

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