I loved this book like a fat kid loves chocolate cake… Okay. Nevermind. Let’s discuss this book…

Part One: Content

When I first heard about this book, it was in the extreme horror Facebook group. So while I understood the premise was about a teacher who preyed on her teenage students, I expected there to be more violence than anything. That is far from what this book is about… and I will state that in no way, shape or form, does this book belong into horror, psychological horror, or even a thriller category. It reads as erotica, nothing more and nothing less. Okay, there is more… pedophilia erotica. The female main character has an unhealthy attraction to teenage boys. Not even high schoolers, where they could be more manly than boyish. No, the author took this a step further and chose fourteen year old boys. They actually do go into the concept that at fifteen, his body begins to fill out and his voice deepens to the point that at fifteen, they are too old for her raging libido.

While I anticipated there would be descriptions that would border the line of immoral, but no. The author vividly and descriptively described the boy, his genitals, his orgasms, and the act of sex with an adult female. Now, if this was reversed and it was a man with a fourteen year old girl, this would be considered even worse but somehow Harper Collins decided that it wasn’t the same and it was deemed permittable to be released mainstream. The story was loosely based on the female teacher, Debra Lafave,  who had been caught and arrested for sleeping with a student in Florida. Now here’s the thing… If the story had read like a true crime book, this would not have been so criticized, but it wasn’t. They stated it was written as a satire or dark humor, but there was nothing funny about it… other than the writing style.

Part Two: Style

As I stated, the only thing funny about the story was the style in which is was written. The entire book was one metaphor after another. At some point it was more annoying than helpful in describing the disturbing content of the story. Otherwise, the book was impeccably written and I loved that about it. There was so much description that I felt as if I were part of the story, which made me cringe because I did not want to be in the room with an adult and child getting it on.

Overall, if you can get past the content and the metaphors, it was a pretty decent book and the narration was wonderful!!!

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