Breaking into horror, I started here because this book was recommended by so many people in my horror Facebook groups. I took their word on this being a great book; mostly everyone said it scared the shit out of them.

It wasn’t scared that got the shit out of me, but annoyance. I’m sorry, but this book annoyed me so much that I wanted to give up on it so many times. Seriously, could it go on any longer?

I’ve read three books since reading Stolen Tongues, I am having a hard time remembering what the entire point of the book was for. A couple goes to the mountains for a stay in a family cabin. During their stay, they are haunted by something in the woods. This entity follows them home where they are possessed by something or someone. Ultimately, it has to do with ancient Indians and their land. Sadly, the only people to actually die in the story are the native Americans who tried to help this couple. Sad that the author killed off the minority characters.

It was long and repetitive. Extremely boring.

What did I learn from this book? Do not name your characters after yourself. The author, Felix Blackwell named his “fictitious” character Felix Blackwell. WHY? Plus, he wrote the story in first person which essentially put himself in the drivers seat and this is a story about himself. Unless this is an autobiography, just don’t.

When GA Rea and I were choosing names for our characters, I was adamant about using names that might point back to us. Our last names and first names are immediately thrown into the forbidden pile. It’s just better for the reader to not think: “Oh, is this a true story? Or based on a true story?”

No. No. No. Felix, get creative if you are going to be an author.

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