My feelings towards Thalia have changed based on my moods and where she is in her career. During her Melody days, I was a big fan of hers. Even as she moved to EMI, I followed her career closely. However, at some point in history, I started “following” other artists, and Thalia became someone whose albums I bought but didn’t actively follow. I knew she got married, but beyond that, Thalia and I had a purely musical connection. I listened to her music, and that was it.

Who knew she wrote a book? Who knew she had Lyme disease and almost died? If it wasn’t on a CD, I was unaware of it. Recently, I was searching for a book to read for an upcoming work trip. I browsed the entire digital biography section of the library and saw that Thalia had a book there. I immediately knew what I would be reading for the next week.

As a Thalia “music” fan, I wanted the book to cover certain points in her career. Like Ricky Martin’s autobiography, most fans wanted to know about Menudo. For me, I wanted to know about her time in Timbiriche. However, I only got a small part of a chapter dedicated to it. I felt disappointed. For fans like me, my devotion to Thalia is based on her experiences in Timbiriche. If it weren’t for Timbiriche, I don’t know how or even “IF” Thalia would be in my music collection. Mostly yes, but would I have had enough desire to spend a week reading about her life if I didn’t want to know more about her time in Timbiriche? Probably not. So, as I mentioned, I was let down.

Thalia has had a lifetime of professional and personal experiences, but this book focuses more on the personal side of her life than the professional. There aren’t many stories about the little things like Timbiriche, Marimar, or any specific event. Instead, we hear about her family, her sadness, her loneliness, her faith, her husband, and the things that define her. These same stories and feelings appear throughout the book, in every chapter. How many times do we need to hear that her mother followed her everywhere and was her best friend? How many times do we have to hear that Tommy is the love of her life?

As a fan, I wanted to hear the “chisme” or gossip about Timbiriche, more about what it was like recording various projects, and the behind-the-scenes details. I understand that the book was written for a reason, to reflect on Thalia’s journey from then to now and what it took for her to get to this point in her life.

There were still many things I learned about Thalia and her career, which is what I wanted to know. I also gained insights into her personal life and her perspective on various aspects. These insights can provide a bit of self-help for those who approach her words with an open mind and heart. Thalia remains an influential figure, and as a whole, this book might serve as a guiding light for many fans who look to Thalia for inspiration.

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