I honestly know what it feels to be typecast in a role now. Never in my right mind did I think that I would be placed in a box where readers would think I only write one type of book. But it has happened and sadly, this is not all that I am. I’ll prove it:

  1. Something Wilder – Contemporary Romance
  2. Open Your Eyes – YA Sapphic Romance
  3. My Final Muse – Contemporary Romance
  4. Cause & Effect – YA Sapphic Romance
  5. The Queen & I – Speculative Sapphic Romance
  6. Dark Waters Ahead – Contemporary Dark Romance
  7. Funeral of a Good Girl – Sapphic Erotica
  8. Thirty-Three – Contemporary Romance
  9. Dying To Meat You – Cannibal Sapphic Horror
  10. 50K To Paradise – Sapphic Erotica
  11. You Are The Master – Sapphic Erotica
  12. Swipe Right For Love – Sapphic RomCom
  13. The Taste of Women – Cannibal Sapphic Horror
  14. Nothing Else Matters – Sapphic Erotic Drama
  15. Love In The Shadows – Erotic Sapphic Thriller

The word that stands out to me is erotic(a)… but that is not the box I am in. It’s that BOLD word that I highlighted. CANNIBALS… My morning writing group laughed at me when I wrote a lesbian cannibal book as my bridge into the horror genre. It has garnished tons of positive reviews, which I am so proud of but when I started looking for another horror book to begin, they jokingly (but seriously) said I should make a cannibal cookbook.


Do you know how many times I have hollered that phrase to them, just so they laugh at me. Well, like any good idea you let it simmer on the back burner until scorches in the pan and your mind. So yes… I wrote a Cannibal Cookbook. “Mastering The Art of Female Cookery” is a fictional memoir-slash-cookbook filled with dark humor and an erotic tale of girl who learns she is a cannibal after feral women eat her family. To cope with this new revelation, she must learn how to cook human meat in order to stay alive.

The story follows much of the same guidelines as my two other cannibal books, which are all in the same universe but can be read as a stand alone. This book has been completed and is waiting for another round of edits by me and my editor. I am looking for a release date of around March or April 2024.

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