“I want to push the boundaries with my work and create novels that will go down in history as great literature but will be banned for going against society’s norm. We need more debauchery again.”

-Jayson Morgan

Jayson Morgan is an author that hails from Houston, Texas, and writes under the pen names Jae T Ryter, Cyan LeBlanc, and Jayson Ryder. Each persona helps Jayson tackle the balance of between multiple genres.

Jayson has been writing since 2008 when Jae jumped head first into writing Sapphic fan fiction for the Hannah Montana fandom. Many of the stories being published today are products of that era that have been deconstructed and melded back into contemporary fiction.

Jayson released a traditional novella in 2012 on Amazon entitled, Something Wilder, which was the first book not written previously as Fanfiction. Between 2012-2016, Jae released eight self-published books on Amazon. All except one were marked out of print so that Jae can put a fresh coat of paint on each of the stories.

In 2016, Jayson took a break from fiction writing and started a music blog for Latin pop music. Since 1983, Jayson has been a fan of Latin music after learning about the pop band, Menudo. From there, it was a journey down a rabbit hole of music. On top of writing and blogging, Jae’s third and final hobby is a love for photography. Addicted to old tech, Jae prefers analog cameras and films over digital, collecting a variety of vintage SLRs and taking those on vacation.

In 2021, Jayson returned to the world of fiction writing two traditional romance novels which leaned into a darker side of love and conflict. Those stories were published on Wattpad but have since been archived for self-publishing in the future. In 2022 and a return to publishing, Jayson has begun to rebuild the worlds once created and polish them for public consumption. At the recommendations of fellow author friends, Jayson split the writing world into two, which is called The Doppelgänger.

As of late 2023, Jayson’s primary focus will be diving headfirst into the dark Sapphic romance under Cyan LeBlanc and the horror genre under Jayson Ryder.