I am going down my list of completed novels and talking about them, how they came to be, the inspiration, and all that fun stuff. I normally would not talk about the people behind the story, especially if I knew them personally. Like this. BUT… I can because she knows about it.

The idea of the story just popped into my head while I was getting to know a person at work. She does not necessarily work with me at the same company, but we are work associates. About a month or two into our new friendship, the idea came to me. A lot like my other stories. I became obsessed with her. Not necessarily stalkerific obsessed but always on my mind.

When someone is on my mind, my world races to figure out how to fall in love with them. It is the hazards of being a writer and a hopeless romantic. All the things she told me about her life were so dramatic that they literally made a great backstory to something greater.

You put her world, together with my writer’s mind, and my obsessive need to love and what do you have? A new story.

The story started off on how to get her and him together. There was no plot. No plan. Nothing more than taking her backstory and merging it with the backstory of my male protagonist and having them eventually hook up. Honestly, that is ultimately how I start every story. How do I make them fall in love and have sex?

You can only write about that for so long because no one wants to read that. There has to be drama to tear them apart and make the world fly into a million pieces in order to end up at a happily ever after. This is where I turned the tables and took inspiration from the movie, Exit To Eden. Send them to a sex island after being kidnapped by the bad guys.

I mean, what can go wrong with a sex island? So… It’s sad. It’s happy. It’s romantic. There’s sex. I think overall, it turned out to be a good story.

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