This is a work in progress – Enjoy this little snippet from My Final Muse

I woke up in a pool of sweat, naked on the floor of my bedroom. My shorts were on the floor in the bathroom. I could see them from where I woke. I located my shirt on top of my dresser, hanging on to the drawer handle. Confused, I glanced around the room and wondered how I ended up in this bewildered state. When I scratched my head, I opened a dried wound on my scalp. I touched my lip accidentally. The sensations from her kiss shot through my soul to my groin. That’s when I remembered my last memory. I climbed from the floor and walked to my laptop, which rested, waiting for more words.

Naked, I sat down in front of my computer and read the poetry of the dark poet. With brilliant words of love, the erotic tale of two lovers had begun. I remembered none of it, like meeting a stranger for the first time. Too many questions were unanswered in this mystery before me; though the erotogenic words aroused me. I visualized the scenes in front of me, with Regina as the starlet, and myself as the sinister night stalker.

I hope you enjoyed this little tidbit of my new edit of My Final Muse, due out on April 4, 2022

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