In 2013, I decided I would take the challenge of NaNoWriMo and write an entire book during the month of November. I did. And I completed it. I present to you, Dark Waters Ahead.

Dark Waters Ahead is my pride and joy and when it was up for sale on Amazon, it never sold a copy. Not even a download. This makes me sad and I believe it is the reason I gave up on selling my work on Amazon.

This story is about a high school boy who meets the girl of his dreams. Just as their relationship begins, they find out that their parents were dating and they were about to become brother and sister, which meant they were off-limits to each other. I mean, we know were wanted Greg and Marcia to hook up, right?

When our main character can’t have the girl that he wants, he decides he can take it where he can get it even if it was by force. The family goes on a cruise and Scott, our protagonist, takes his terror to the high seas.

The inspiration for this story happened by chance during a cruise I was on. Everything about the boat, the excursions, were part of my trip; though I was not a predator on that ship.

My two main characters were completely original and I had no real inspiration for them. A secondary character who Scott ends up molesting was actually inspired by a crew member of the ship. So there was a bit of real person fiction here. I mean, what is one of my stories without having someone real on my mind?

When I finished the story and decided to publish it, I asked my mother to read and edit it. She did. With the amount of graphic sex in this story, I am surprised my mother doesn’t think I am some sort of pervert.

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